Tuesday, November 3, 2009

..just get me to the hostel.

Just over forty-eight hours until departure.

Yesterday, I tested out the pack. Everything fits!

Today, I will load up the car with everything that is not going to South America.

Tomorrow, we'll drive the car down to Colorado Springs and leave it there.

Sunday will be an early Thanksgiving with Kaitlin's family and time to make my last free phone calls for a long time.

Early Monday morning we'll head for the airport. Boarding Denver to Atlanta 6am Mountain Time. Atlanta to Miami. Miami to Buenos Aires.

We should arrive in Buenos Aires 8 or 10am Eastern Standard Time on Tuesday.

I have resigned myself to the fact that everything between now and Tuesday afternoon will be a blur. Last minute plans to visit with family and friends, phone calls, letters, everything that can be done simply now, that will be difficult to do for the next six months. That's okay.

I feel like we have taken every opportunity to say farewell, to settle our affairs, and to properly prepare ourselves for everything we wish to do in South America. Still, I know it will be hard to turn off my phone that last time, to close up my laptop that last time, to get to sleep that last night, to load the car, to walk away from this generous continent, and to enter a relative unknown. But it will be done.

We have reserved three nights in the Lime House youth hostel in Buenos Aires. I am focusing solely on getting from the airport to the hostel. Once I'm there, I don't know how long I'll sleep, but after I wake up - I will be a new animal.

What exactly that entails - I can't be sure, but I feel it in my gut.
..just get me there.

I imagine I'll write again before we leave - though there is increasingly less to say. Words are nearly obsolete - time for action.

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