Saturday, July 25, 2009

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Tentative drive to Denver. Seven to ten days - 4,500 miles - 14 states - 2 countries.
A year on the run begins in less than a week.
The apartment is bigger after bags of clothes have made their way to Goodwill, stacks of books are stored with relatives, and wall decorations are stacked in not-so-neat piles.

Kaitlin has left me for a few days to visit family in Denver that will be moving to Australia before we make our way out there. She'll be back on Tuesday and then we'll only have a handful of days to get the last of our stuff to the way station in Lugoff. For the next few days, I'll be putting things away. Packing up the last five years into a mobile heap.

We're ready to go. Before last week I had been pretty anxious about letting go. It's focus now though. The money is in and settled. Our possessions are limited. We have taken advantage of our last opportunities to experience this city. It has given us more than we ever asked for and I know that our gratitude has not gone unnoticed.

I'm excited now to look towards our time in Lugoff with my family. Kristen has gotten into grad school in Frankfurt, so she'll be leaving a month after I do. Neither of us are sure when we'll be able to get back home in the next two or six years. So, I find myself still unable to fantasize about the beaches in Argentina... I'm thinking more of big meals on the patio in Sunny Hill with my family and driving the kudzu backroads all day. I'm thinking about taking Kim to the park for soccer tutorials and swim meets and reading/lounging sessions.

For now..we'll just keep tyding up.