Friday, May 29, 2009

Finance and the "Estate"

Leaving the country for an extended period of time has presented a wealth of categorical and hypothetical headaches. Of course, nothing that the brain trust "Kaitlin and Jack" cannot overcome. But in this moment of relaxation and reflection, I'm celebrating the little battles.

Gear is purchased.

One of the first things I learned in the conceptual stage of this venture is that you can find a reason to take anything with you. Deciding our dependence upon the backpack was the first necessity. After consulting contacts who have contacts in South America and doing our own research (WWOOF and hostel programs) we decided that a tent would not be necessary.

One less thing to buy.
One less thing to carry.

Not that we don't intend to sleep under the stars, but consensus is that civilization to civilization is the best method until we make reliable contacts in country. When the time comes, tents are something that can be rented for a nominal fee.

Deciding the necessity of a tent is a minor decision with major implications. This is proving to be an exhausting norm. Of course, there is always a bigger concern to replace any minor victory:

  • Reaching financial objectives.
  • What to do with essential non-traveling possessions (clothing, car, furniture, cookery)?
Each tree of problems sprouting a network of concerns and considerations with immediate ramifications. More work! Storage unit? No, too much money! ..but where else does it all go?

This is an abbreviated glance at the constant internal dialogue that is the passion for this trip. In that I mean, the exhaustion of conflict in a "good fight" is part of what makes infamous experiences. What we have put into making the trip of a lifetime a possibility, is what makes it the trip of a lifetime. Because it is difficult, it is great. Because it works, we are strong.


Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Fact: Kaitlin and I have purchased one way tickets to Buenos Aires.
Fact: We fly from Denver, Colorado to Miami, Florida, to Buenos Aires, Argentina on November 9th, 2009.

I have started this blog to simultaneously chronicle my preparation for the trip, the trip itself, and any feedback/advice/concerns posed by interested third parties.

Intent: To spend three to six months in Chile and Argentina. We anticipate utilizing World-Wide Opportunities on Organic Farms (WWOOF) as a means to sustain an extended stay in the region, but will use the next five months to form a concrete itinerary. Another major point of interest is the Patagonia for backpacking.