Tuesday, November 17, 2009


..just a few highlights to hit so that you all know I´m not just making this stuff up.

Reading on the roof..
The roof of the Lime House hostel on 11 Lima in Buenos Aires served as a refuge in what could be a rather active hostel. After the first few days, construction began on expansion of the terrace to cover nearly half of the roof and add more green to a city/skyline that could really use it.

One of the numerous demonstrations..
Nearly half our time in Buenos Aires there was a demonstration of some sort. Only one that I would call "massive" - though there were two others that stopped traffic. On the whole, they are peaceful, well organized, and rather redundant.

View of the Paraiso and Avenue de Nueva Julio from the hostel lobby´s balcony..

You are now on Boca´s turf..

Which is not a problem, as long as there is respect..

The softer side of La Boca (with Rik from Holland)..

And so mom knows I´m eating well. This meal cost the equivalent of around $15 US for pasta, steak, and wine..


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