Sunday, November 22, 2009

Today is our last day in Buenos Aires - for now.

Tomorrow we leave for Montevideo - Uruguay.

The plan is to rent a cabaña in Punta del Diablo, which is supposed to be a slow little surfer town. I´m hoping the reports are accurate. I came down with a bit of a head cold two days ago. Though I am feeling better, the crowded hostel is hampering my much needed rest and at half speed exploration of the city becomes a chore.

On a brighter note.. Kaitlin and I continue to find people to enjoy our time with. We are fortunate to maintain a steady supply of well balanced and earnest day trip companions. However, now it is our turn to leave..

Sergio to Mar del Plata.
Rik to Cordoba.
Mikk back to Vancouver.
James off to Mar del Plata.
Jessica to Montevideo.

..and now we too are off to Montevideo and ultimately the "end of the devil."

I am not sure what sort of internet access we will have in Uruguay. I am willing to bet the hostel in Montevideo will be equipt, but there is no telling how much contact we will have access to during our week at the beach.

Till then..

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