Sunday, November 29, 2009

From Devil´s Point

We have been here in Punta del Diablo for four days now.

The five hour bus ride east from Montevideo has provided a perspective that has been much needed since I began. Though it seems there is no such thing as a deserted sandy paradise in Uruguay (which in retrospect makes sense because of the countries location between travelers from the population centers of Buenos Aires in Argentina and Rio in Brazil) - we have stumbled upon this cabaña riddled little village in the off season - which might as well make it Mars.

Our cabaña is probably a half mile from the focal point of the village (a cove where the fishing boats dock), but less than a five minute walk from a mini-market that has a decent supply of produce and honey flavored snacks that we have become very fond of (best when combined with fig jam).

I am not quite disillusioned, on the contrary, my eyes have been opened. Punta del Diablo makes no excuses for what it is. The locals spend the day mysteriously buzzing back and forth across town on their scooters - sometimes with propane tanks, sometimes with a liter of Fanta in hand, most always with their maté gourd and a thermos. They are mostly a dishevled, but happy community. Despite all the pontificating and surmising - they have shown me who they are. Our first day here we happened upon a group of about twenty (mostly) young men playing soccer on the beach. I spotted who I correctly assumed was the best player and asked him, "Puedo jugar?" - "Can I play?" - the result was an almost esoteric experience that I will one day spend a good bit of time dictating. However, the spackled structure that functions as an internet cafe (but looks more like a post industrial garage) will be closing shortly and I have a pizza to make tonight.

For now, a list of developments.

My "cold" appears to have actually been allergies.
We have booked our return to Buenos Aires for this Wednesday.
We will stay there for a week so I can participate in some Spanish tutoring (for about $50 US).
Then we will finally head south.


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