Thursday, January 21, 2010


Well, we learned how you say, "Coyhaique"...

I have pictures and stories that cover the bottom third of this country, but they must wait.

We arrived at our WWOOF farm in Caulin - Chiloé four days ago. It has been a sobering experience to say the least. WWOOFing at this farm was our first move in planning this trip and (for me) the last thing I expected to fail us. But, with our bus tickets purchased for Osorno on Monday - it is safe to say that it has failed us.

There are various reasons which maybe I will have time to detail in Osorno (right now I have to finish this update before catching our minibus back to the farm). Suffice it to say, the farm (or lack thereof) has not lived up to what we understand to be the spirit that drives WWOOF. We arrived volunteers eager to learn farming practices and Chilote culture and now we are free labor for a cabaña hotel.

Our immediate plan is to spend another week in Chile (between Osorno and Valparaiso) - assuming we cannot find any lodging via CouchSurfing. Then to retreat to Buenos Aires (via Mendoza) to lay low for some weeks in Palermo with Marko, our savior.

During that time we will regroup, possibly attempt WWOOFing again in Chile. Odds are we will just bus it to the Atacama - then make our way to Peru where the economy is a little more friendly to people with time.

This is all far in the future..and with much still to say about the past - I will say no more for now. It is of course important to maintain perspective. We have been very frustrated by our last week in Chile, but we are fortunate to have this problem and we are fortunate that if we persevere we still have much to see and do in this continent.

Till then..

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